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With over 1.7m registered users on our UK dating sites there really is a great chance of meeting someone new who shares your interest. Our UK dating sites are simple, easy to use and navigate and best of all registration is completely free! Our quick and easy search options mean you can search completely anonymously right away. Our service is completely safe, secure and confidential.

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Here at Meetmymatch we have created two distinct dating options; Meetmymatch Mature and Meetmymatch UK Singles. Our Mature dating site is aimed at people in the 40+ age group but this doesn't exclude the 40+ís from our UK Singles site, as this includes all age groups.

Registration to both our UK Singles and Mature UK Dating Sites is completely free and you can search our sites for your perfect match without providing any personal information. When you feel ready and comfortable to do so you can go ahead and complete your dating profile and upload a photo 100% free of charge.

If you take some time to think about what's going into your profile, you'll create something that other people will want to read. The level of success you experience with Meetmymatch relies primarily on the strength of your profile. A well put together, sincere and carefully planned profile can get you lots of responses.

Although the registration to all our sites is completely free we do offer a premium service. If people are serious about finding the right date we consider a small fee is reasonable. In our experience completely free on line dating sites can attract the wrong type of sign up. We value your security, so ensure all applications are checked by a human and not a computer for accuracy and relevance.

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Our current topic of the week is 'honeymoon destinations'....yes this may be long term thinking for those just delving into the world of dating but something nice to dream about all the same....So if you were to stumble across of the love of your life and wedding bells were looming, we would just love to know where you would be heading for the most romantic holiday of your lifetime. Our countdown has begun with the Maldives coming in at number 5. Follow us on Facebook to see the countdown begin and to join in the discussion...